About Cascades
Cascades Group is an industry leader in tissue and paper products. Champion’s association with Cascades has lasted for years now, and will continue for years to come. Cascades Group employs over 2,200 people within 18 manufacturing and converting facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Cascades owns and operates 17 paper machines, more than 100 converting lines, and 8 integrated de-inking units. Cascades’ product range includes paper hand towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper napkins, perforated roll towels, wipers and dispensers. Cascades has a constantly evolving Sustainable Development Plan that identifies measurable objectives it is committed to attain. It is the only North American paper manufacturer with its own group of permanent experts dedicated to energy efficiencies

Product Assortment

Cascades Tissue Group provides the commercial and industrial sectors with a complete line of quality products, ranging from the most affordable to the most luxurious. They offer brands and dispensing systems which can cater the needs of every market. Their brands include – Décor, North River, Cascades Moka, Cascades Elite, Tandem, Tandem+, ServOne, and Wiping Solutions.


    Decor (Economical and Functional): Decor offers a wide range of towel and tissue options that are not only functional and reliable, but in line with a value orientation. Suitable for the budget conscious, Décor is a solution that can help reduce your waste and labor costs while providing the performance, practicality and savings you require.

    North River (Powered by Wind of Change) North River products make up the most complete line of 100% recycled fiber tissue, towel and wiper products on the market. It is the only brand to offset 100% of the electricity used for its production with Green-e® certified renewable wind energy.

    Cascades Moka(New Role Models for the Environment): Cascades Moka tissue products are made from 100% unbleached recycled fiber and are an environmentally responsible choice. Cascades Tissue Group adds 20% corrugated box fiber into the pulp mixture and eliminates bleach chemicals to generate this product, thus reducing the environmental impact of their raw material by 25%, while maintaining the softness of the tissue.

    Cascade Elite(Luxury is finally Sustainable): Cascades Elite luxury brand is a premium quality product line featuring superior performance and absorbency. With these products, made from 100% recycled fiber, Cascades has achieved an amazing feat: sustainability without compromising softness.

    Cascades Anti-Bacterial(The Most Innovative Technology for Hand Hygiene): These towels, made from 100% recycled fiber, easily fit anywhere, and are manufactured with 5 times less water than the North America paper industry average

    Wiping Solutions: Cascades Tissue group offers a wide range of disposable wiping cloth products. Diverse product lines offer excellent solutions for all market segments, from industrial/institutional sectors to the foodservice, healthcare and automotive industries – a product for every application!


    Cascades ServOne (One Napkin at a time Dispensing System): For foodservice and restaurant operators looking to reduce waste and costs, Cascades offers ServOne, a one-at-a-time interfold napkin dispensing system. ServOne is an environmentally wise choice with the added bonus of extra savings, hygiene, and functionality.

    Tamden Cascades: The Tandem+ hardwound roll towel and bath tissue dispensing systems were created to help facilities improve hygiene and lower operating costs.