About Deb Group
For over 70 years, the Deb Group has been establishing skin care regimens for all types of workplace and public environments, including industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors. Deb comprises 21 companies operating in 16 countries, with Deb products sold in over 100 countries. Champion Products is a proud supplier of Deb products, and greatly values its association with the Group. Deb Group innovations include a number of ‘world first’ patented skin care formulations across all their skin care programs. Their proprietary dispensing systems are designed and manufactured in their in-house facilities, which produce millions of dispensers each year. Deb’s areas of core expertise are Foam Technology and Dispensing Technology. They have developed and nurtured their expertise over the years, and have rich experience in working with various industries.

Product Assortment

The range is underpinned by 65 years of experience of occupational skin care, providing ‘best in class’ formulations and rigorously engineered dispensing systems.

    Dispensing Systems: Deb dispensing systems are designed to give cost effectiveness and the highest hygiene levels to their users. The key benefits of Deb dispensing systems include reduced costs, hygienic, convenient, encourages correct skin safety practice, dispensers guaranteed for life. Deb has a range of dispensing units ranging from Deb’s ‘Skin Safety Centre’ – a sturdy wall mountable board designed to offer all that is required for a three-step skin safety programme, to individual dispensing units utilizing a variety of specialist hand cleaners and protective creams

    Skin Products: Deb’s range of skin products includes best-in-class sanitizers, pre-work creams, hand cleansers, conditioning creams, and skin safety centers. Debs sanitizers are highly effective, perfume-free, dye-free alcohol-based, and infused with moisturizers. This formula which kills germs without having to use water is ideal for frequent use, leaving hands feeling refreshed, smooth and soft.

    Pre-work creams help protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants and working environments. Available in different types and for various uses, these hypoallergenic creams are affective against both oil and water based materials.

    Deb offers appropriate products to cleanse hands effectively. Available in various fragrances and strengths, Deb’s hand and body cleansers provide “deep-clean” performance. Some of the products are ideal for heavy-duty cleansing, ideal in removing paints, inks, resins, adhesives and most other print & paint shop contaminants. Deb manufactures special after-work conditioning creams to restore and maintain skin’s healthy condition. Deb’s highly concentrated skin care cream that has been proven very effective in helping to replace lost moisture and oils thereby helping to prevent dry, rough, chapped and even cracked skin caused by work-related conditions.

    Deb's Skin Safety Centers are robust, lightweight boards that are ready-assembled with appropriate Deb dispensers. For use with Deb products to create a tailored skin care system, Deb Skin Safety Centers are available for use in heavy duty & general industrial areas to provide skin protection and food & catering areas to provide hand hygiene.