About Genpak

Genpak is a leading manufacturer of premium quality, single use food packaging products. Genpak is committed to its customers and continuously delivers high quality and functional finished products. Established in 1969, Genpak began as a single manufacturing facility located in Middletown, NY and has since expanded to 18 facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Their range of food packaging products has multiplied over the years. From foam hinged containers to oven ready bakery trays and everything in between, Genpak caters to most foodservice needs. Currently, Genpak services the retail, food processing, and food service industries. Genpak products are single use! Single use items offer economic and sanitary advantage over reusable products.

Product Assortment

From plastic plates and dinnerware and paper cone cups to microwave safe containers, to go containers, catering supplies and compostable products, Genpak produces some of the best containers, packaging and disposable dinnerware.

Disposable Pleated Paper & Plastic Drinking Cups
Genpak serves as a one-stop-shop for drinking cup supplies, including PET plastic drinking cups. Product mix includes paper cone cups and pleated paper portion cups, available with rolled rims and convenient caddy pack option. Also available are foam drinking cups for the retail and national accounts market. Genpak offers a full line of clear PET, translucent, cruiser, wrapped and kids plastic cups. Genpak also promises to satisfy any Retail Cup application with its line of co-extruded (two color) plastic drink cups from its PartyTime label

  • Foam, Plastic and Dinnerware Bowls Genpak has the widest range of materials to choose bowls from - foam, laminated foam, clear and black PET, both with post-consumer recycled content along with hybrid and compostable materials. Also, Genpak offers matching lids with all bowls.

  • Plates: Plastic, Foam, Laminated and Biodegradable Plates Disposable plates for restaurants, caterers, supermarkets and more! Product selection includes plates with varied sizes, 6 inches to 10¼ inch round plates, matching bowls, trays and lids. Many of the designs are also available in portioned styles – a great variation for use in restaurants, grocery stores, buffets and catering.

  • Hinged Containers: Plastic, Foam and Biodegradable Food Containers Genpak is a pioneer manufacturer of hinged foam containers. Since its inception, Genpak has grown its disposable hinged container lines to include hundreds of products across four different material classes: foam, clear APET, compostable and hybrid food containers.

  • Bakery Containers & Ovenable Food Trays & Containers Genpak Oven Ready Food Trays combine product uniformity, strength and elegance coupled with durability. With "freezer to oven" convenience, ovenable food trays offer excellent low temperature impact resistance.

  • Food Trays: School, Supermarket and Produce Trays Genpak’s laminated foam trays, Smart Set, offers one-of-a-kind multi-sided foam laminated black base, and clear lid presentation. The insulated material used in the production of Genpak trays maintains food temperature.

  • Disposable Cutlery Genpak offers unique cutlery designs made from 40% natural starches, which reduces the amount of polypropylene material required, greatly reducing the carbon footprint. Genpak cutlery can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, and maintains form.