Like many companies, we are closely monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities across Ontario and the world.

As a business that is essential to our customers who rely on us to provide products that help them maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operations of their businesses Champion Products and The Clean Depot will remain open.

While we all adjust to this new “normal,” one thing has remained constant: Our dedication to supporting you through this challenge in any way we can.

We will continue to work closely with all of you, our customers to keep up-to-date on your needs as the current situation changes.

Our procurement department is working closely with our suppliers in order to ensure we have the supplies you need and we have taken initiatives to mitigate the risk of issues within our supply chain.

We’re still just a phone call or email away, and are here to provide you with foodservice packaging, janitorial cleaning products and personal safety equipment.

Should you have any questions and or concerns regarding the matter, please feel free to contact any of our team members at Champion Products including myself.

Ashok Sood
President, Champion Products Corp.

Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and continued support for Champion Products.

Useful Resources

Making Food Delivery Easy

Due to the quarantine restaurant operators are converting from dine-in to takeout during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve put together some resources to help you in getting what you need to give your customers a great take-out experience.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces

Keeping frequently used hard surfaces clean and disinfected is critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19, which can live on objects and surfaces from a few hours to days.

These include countertops and tables, doors, handrails, elevator buttons, light switches, cabinet handles, faucet handles, and electronics.



Staying Safe During COVID-19

Internally we have taken steps to minimize the risk to our staff and our customers and we would like to share these tips to all who read this message so they can protect themselves, their loved ones and those in the community.

• Washing hands with soap and water is better than sanitizer in terms of effectiveness. Use hand-sanitizers when no water/soap is available.

• Washing hands with soap and water is better than sanitizer in terms of effectiveness. Use hand-sanitizers when no water/soap is available.

  1. When getting things from for example amazon or things like mac and cheese from grocery store- if not needed  immediately- leave it in the garage or something x4-5 days- the virus if present will die on its own.
  2. Seeing friends or family while at home not ok! See those who you live with and that’s about it. Asymptomatic spread is a huge concern.
  3. Don’t forget to clean your hands or sanitizer your hands after paying for things, pumping gas etc. (Money is dirty! So are gas pumps etc)
  4. Wearing a mask is controversial because doctors and nurses are running out but in an ideal word if we had enough it is beneficial for everyone to wear a mask. So if you have a mask wear it when you’re out. And can reuse the same one but just don’t touch it with your dirty hands! Clean hands to put it on, clean hands to take it off.
  5. scare the shit out of your parents, they should not leave the house period- no excuses. Young also dying but might have a bit of a better chance at fighting for life.
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