Dart Eco-Forward® Kraft Paper Food Containers

Looking for an eco-forward food container? Try Dart’s new kraft paper food containers with clear polypropylene lids – perfect for foods like salad bowls or poutine!

These containers are great for grab and go food ventures. They hold both hot and cold meals, and the clear, leak-resistant lid keeps food visible for quick identification. Serving up and enjoying delicious foods is a breeze thanks to the wide mouth and squat profile.

Sustainable Features:

  • Made from 80% renewable resources
  • 100% unbleached, chlorine-free, PFAS-free
  • May be recycled if you have access to a recycler that accepts paper foodservice containers. Such facilities may not exist in your area.
  • Lids are made of 100% recyclable PP.


  • Easy close feature allows for fast, secure closure with minimal effort, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Easy open tab encourages repeat sales by reducing customer frustration.
  • Heat lamp safe, increasing versatility for serving, delivering and enjoying hot food at its optimal temperature.
  • Leak-guard seal maintains freshness and prevents messes, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Moisture barrier prevents leaks and seepage, increasing customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Dual-temperature usage reduces storage space required to store containers and increases operational efficiency.
  • Vented lid improves order accuracy and helps maintain food integrity.
  • Stackable, keeping containers steady whether stacked on a shelf or in a delivery bag.
  • Wide mouth and squat profile makes it easy to fill quickly and to enjoy food directly from container.
  • Clear vented lid provides superior visibility into container driving impulse sales and increasing order accuracy.
  • Made of 100% unbleached, chlorine-free, PFAS-free Kraft paper, visibly indicating commitment to sustainability.
  • Container is made from 80% renewable resources and lid is made of recyclable PP, allowing you to be part of the solution and join us in driving measurable environmental change
  • Containers may be recycled if you have access to a recycler that accepts paper foodservice containers; such facilities may not exist in your area.

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