Earthcycle™ Trays & Punnets from CKF

Today’s consumers expect packaging to be recyclable while offering ease of use. The organic consumer wants less plastic and packaging that not only is recyclable but ideally compostable.

Home Compostable Packaging

Earthcycle™ is a line of smooth moulded pulp packaging that protects and displays delicate fresh produce while speaking to consumer demands:

• Recyclable
• Made from recycled and sustainably sourced raw materials
• Compostable (BPI, OK Compost, Din Certco and OK Home Compost) • Microwaveable
• Food-grade compliant (FDA, CFIA and BFR)

Case Studies

Compostable Mushroom Packaging

In seeking ways to help their customers reduce food waste, a global retailer was looking for solutions to keep its packaged mushrooms fresher for longer. In studies with their suppliers, it was found that Earthcycle packaging can extend shelf life by 2-3 days compared to plastic packaging. It is a bonus that the punnets are home compostable and recyclable.

Sealed Compostable Berry Baskets

A large, year round berry grower has adopted the Earthcycle base with a top sealable lid for its substantial volume in organic blueberries. Aside from the sustainability benefits, the top seal lidding lm allows for high impact graphics and messaging. According to our client, “retailers like the colorful display and they can clearly differentiate the berries as organic as opposed to conventionally grown.”

Environmentally Friendly and Compostable Tomato Packaging

With its organic tomato program growing double digits, one large North American greenhouse grower approached CKF, Inc. to develop packaging that would speak to organic consumers. The result is our top sealable 10 oz pint container.

The container supports the organic consumer’s demand for recyclability, compostability and a reduction in plastic with its use of an Earthcycle base with a top seal lid. The entire package has 90% less plastic than a traditional clamshell, using 22% less oil in production and emitting 53% less greenhouse gas.

“We believe we are in line with what the organic consumer wants, less plastic and a flavorful product. We’ve seen a sizable jump in our organic sales since we introduced our new packaging,” said the Director of Sales and Business Development of the North American Greenhouse Grower.

CKF, in association with G’s Fresh, was awarded the FPC Award for Excellence in CSR for its development of a top sealable moulded pulp container for mushrooms. Through extensive pre-commercial testing and a wide commercial trial in Tesco stores in the UK, it was proven that packaged in Earthcycle, mushrooms stay fresher, longer – 20% longer than when packed in plastic. According to G’s Commercial Director, “In our commercial trial alone with Tesco we were able to avoid the use of close to 40 metric tons of plastic by using the Earthcycle punnets and provide our consumers longer lasting mushrooms while maintaining production efficiencies.”


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