TamperGuard™ Snack Boxes from Dart

Inhibit tampering and put your food on display! These containers are great for protein snacks, bistro boxes, salads, grab-and-go meals, take-out orders and other snack box varieties.

Compartmented Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Containers

The TamperAlert Tab protrudes upward when torn and a “Do Not Purchase If Tab Is Torn” message on the lid gives customers a visual cue when their food is safely sealed.

The 360° VanishingEdge™ Seal inhibits lifting the lid from the base without tearing the tab and also provides a leak-resistant seal that maintains freshness.

One Lid Fits 7 Containers

Choose from one or multiple compartments, all of which use the same lid for ease and efficiency. The clear lid seals tightly across all compartments to help keep food separated.


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